Denise A Tuite (DAT) Custom Furnishings

Offers a wide array of custom designed metal furniture to each client, whether preferred in bronze, brass, polished stainless steel, iron with glass or with a marble top.

Denise designs and creates, according to her clients’ exact proportions, dimensions, and specifications, bookcases; cocktail tables; coffee, dining, and end tables; consoles; chairs; benches; lighting fixtures and coat racks to enhance the beauty of their living or working space.


Metal Furniture

Residential, Commercial, Custom Home Furnishings


Metal Furniture

Classic, Traditional, Refined, Dynamic, Stunning



“DAT always delivers spectacular pieces for me. Knowing that the quality is consistent and the price is very competitive means I can count on her for value every time I call on her.”

Jeffrey Brooks

Interior Design


Being a valued resource is all in the furniture details of quality construction, scale, and finish. DAT offers a wide range of metal furniture in a variety of designs and constructs. Any metal furniture can be custom designed, living up to our motto:

“With us everything is possible”

For more information or a price quote, please call or contact:

Denise A Tuite

Custom Furnishings

10 Clinton Street Brooklyn, NY 11201