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Custom Metal Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor

With Us Anything Is Possible


Being a valued resource is all in the furniture details of quality construction, scale, and finish. DAT offers a wide range of metal furniture, glass top and marble top coffee tables, consoles, end and dining tables, bookcases, lighting fixtures, and coat racks.  Any metal furniture custom design is available, living up to the motto of, “with us anything is possible”.


Metal Furniture

Residential, Commercial, Custom Home Furnishings


Metal Furniture

Classic, Traditional, Refined, Beautiful, Subtle


For more information, a price quote please call or contact us:

Denise A Tuite

Custom Furnishings

10 Clinton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201




President / Owner at Denise A Tuite Custom Furnishings, Denise A Tuite first started in the antique business in 1970. Spending nearly eighteen years on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn than moving on to the decoration and Design Building and finally The Fine Arts Building both located in New York City. She has focused on the construction of wood furniture and how it differed from today’s cabinetry. As her career evolved into manufacturing reproduction metal furniture of the 18th-20th century masters, she used the knowledge of her expertise to create well made replicas metal furniture of Diego Giacometti and Royere.

We can craft bookcases, cocktail tables, coffee tables, dining tables, end tables and lighting. Learn More